The Cast

Dizzy: Tiefling Ranger that travels with her bear Dolt, and hates small animals.

  • Defining Moment: “You have had tremendous success in the romantic arena.”
  • Scarring Moment: “Lover was killed.”
  • Ties to Menov: “Met at a funeral.”
  • Ties to Ortho: “One person waiting on the other to fulfill some bargain”.
  • Ties to Knolli: ""

Menov Kanse: Human Fighter that fights monsters because they suck.

  • Defining Moment: “Recognized for a great deed that elevated my reputation.”
  • Scarring Moment: “A blow to the head has caused memory loss.”
  • Ties to Dizzy: “Dizzy is indebted.”
  • Ties to Ortho: “Saved Ortho’s life.”
  • Ties to Knolli: ""

Ortho Smallburrow: Halfling Rogue that hunts monsters as a means to survive, or something?

  • Defining Moment: “Someone you admire has shown you a life you have chosen to follow.”
  • Scarring Moment: “Mercilessly beaten or robbed.”
  • Ties to Dizzy: “Entered a legal agreement that is mutually beneficial.”
  • Ties to Menov: “Woke up together after a heavy night of drinking.”
  • Ties to Knolli: ""

Knolli: Magical something that something somethings. Has monster sinuses and eyebrows.

  • Defining Moment: “You have found true love”
  • Scarring Moment: “You have offspring that harbors ill will and resentment towards you.”
  • Ties to Menov: ""
  • Ties to Dizzy: ""
  • Ties to Ortho: ""

The Cast

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