Dozens of the Skies

The Dozens of the Skies is a faith system involving no actual gods, but belief in the ideals that gods traditionally represent. All domains are open, and it is up to the priest to embody them in life. Acceptance that there is no right or wrong, no black or white, is a key feature of the Dozens, one that other faiths have a hard time wrapping their heads around. Those of particularly powerful faith, or who tie strong magic or extraordinary deeds to their faith, can become Avatars of a domain, gaining Divine Rank 0, and five class levels related to to domain in question. They also gain access to the domain abilities as though they were a Cleric of equal rank. These Avatars are champions of their domain, and often revered as the closest being to a god. Any domain can have only one Avatar at a time, but most die off fighting for their domain rather quickly. Only one Avatar, the embodiment of Death in the form of a powerful Lich, has existed longer than any can remember, and through his scheming has caused the fall of countless civilizations. Currently, a Paladin named St. Ordwynn of the Thorned Rose is the Avatar of Light, bringing her righteous fury to undead hordes to the far East.

Hands of Eternity

Ages ago, before the stars moved in the night sky, the Creator Above the Forge built all that can be seen and heard. He tried ruling as a king, but realized that his place was at his Godforge, and not among the people he had created. He came up with a plan, and cut his fingers off to become the lesser gods. These beings of unimaginable power took to the world, changing it as they saw fit, but causing strife and death where conflict arose. Seeing that he needed help in controlling these free gods, he took his arms to become the Gods of Life and Death. These two took the reigns to the lesser gods, and managed to find balance in all things. The Creator Above the Forge, in his haste, did not consider that he would be left unable to create any more; thus, nothing new has been made by the gods, but by the beings that walk the world instead. He now stands as a judge in all things, ruling that creation must be treated higher than destruction.

The Creator Above the Forge (Forge)
The Life that Breathes in All (Life)
The Death that Awaits All (Death)
The General Atop the Mountain (War)
The Flame that Circles the World (Light)
The Storm that Threatens the World (Tempest)
The Queen that Hides in Trees (Nature)
The Wise Man that Whispers (Knowledge)
The Liar that Makes Truths (Trickery)
The Mage that Sees the Æther (Arcane)
The Shieldmaiden that Faces Death (Protection)
The Watcher that Stands in Ash (Grave)

Pagan Pantheon

The Pagan Pantheon has no official name, it was and always will be. It existed long before the Dozens, and will likely remain long after. Currently, people are persecuted for following the pagan pantheon, or at the very least treated poorly and violently. The pagan pantheon doesn’t have deities so much as highly powered elementals. Each slot is filled by an Elder Elemental with divine rank, and as such can grant spells.

Sky: Leiptr

Earth: Petron

Sun: Leikki

Ocean: Ranta

Ork Pantheon

Clearly a misnomer, the Ork pantheon is actually a simplistic group of deities that many simpler creatures follow. The largest group that subscribes to their deification is the Orks, which leads credence to their legitimacy. This pantheon lacks the capacity for many alignments, it knows only the Lawful Neutral for its just Life, True Neutral for its uncaring War, and Chaotic Neutral for its unpredictable Death. The deities have many different names among the tribes, but the general premise is unchanging.

Lawful: Life

Neutral: War

Chaos: Death

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