Owning no land of their own, the halflings travel without hesitation to all corners of the world. To the untamed north, the bring trade goods, hoping to afford mercenaries. To the dwarven lands, they settle lordship disputes with keen daggers. The elves admire their knack for telling fortunes, filling their anarchic heads with grand dreams. They distract cities from the smoke the foretells an orc invasion, and pay tooth and nail for exotic toxins from the savage south. To the humans, though, they are companions. Both are outcasts, but the halflings embrace it with pride, knowing their place in the world.

Short and wiry, they always seem to have an exotic look to them. While they grow no facial hair, their chest and feet more than make for it. Halflings dress in colorful clothes, dye their hair in odd colors, and always make their presence known. That being said, it is common for a halfling to be overlooked in a crowd, due to simple tricks they have learned in stance and maneuvering.

Common stereotypes about the halflings are that they weigh less than the gold they demand for services rendered, that they are less trustworthy than a broken stool, and that if you can see one, wonder who he is hiding from.

Minor Empires


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