Races of Mirheim

Mirheim is a land of generations, shown both in ruins and in bloodlines. The only true races in Mirheim are Humans and the Old Races- the Giants, Angels, Fey, etc. Touched-races are common, including the Tiefling and Aasimar. A full list of the Touched Races are:
-Aasimar: Angels
-Dragonborn: Dragons
-Genesai: Elementals
-Goliath: Giants
-Half Elf: Fey
-Shifter: Beasts
-Tiefling: Devil

Dragonborn: Watered-down Half-Dragons.

Dwarves: Shortest and most common of the Giant race.

Elves: Common Fey that excell at ambushes.

Gnomes: Cousins of dwarves, but insane and explody.

Halflings: Wanderers with a penchant for soothsaying and slaying.

Humans: A once proud civilization, now struggling for survival.

Kobolds: Pray you never meet one, let alone a swarm.

Orcs: Steely eyed conquerors with smoke-billowing war machines.

Touched Races: Not quite any race, and treated as such.

Races of Mirheim

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